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Special applications refrigeration equipment from Allied Refrigeration & Engineering 
is an all-Australian product which is manufactured to world-class standards in 
features and quality.
An AR&E refrigeration system is also custom-made to your specifications.
The answer to your refrigeration needs is available here in Australia with a level 
of support only possible through a local manufacturer. Custom-made AR&E 
solutions, which meet all relevant Australian and international standards, will 
out-perform any mass-produced product. And AR&E systems are
available at internationally competitive prices.low fans.jpg (9458 bytes)
AR&E has tailor-made special applications 
refrigeration solutions for scientific, medical and 
industrial applications since 1991. A flexible 
Electronic Control System, developed by AR&E, 
means AR&E refrigeration systems can be customised
for any refrigeration functions.
Using conventional refrigeration techniques, current AR&E product maintains 
an outstanding temperature range from plus 60 to minus 90 degrees Celsius.
AR&E is beating better-known overseas manufacturers with its constancy 
service, applications know-how, customised solutions and fast, local support.
Leading users of special applications refrigeration systems, such as the Australian 
Red Cross Blood Bank and The National Standards Commission of Australia,
are enjoying the benefits of buying Australian. They rely on AR&E.

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