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"I spend time with a customer because every job is different. By the time I quote, the customer can be sure that we have come up with the right design."

AR&E customer confidence is based on a justified solution. AR&E only quotes on a fully justified and guaranteed design, based on heat-load calculations, flow rates and other environmental criteria - or any other operating criteria which is relevant to your brief.

RPF1_lowres.jpg (36388 bytes)The flexibility required for customisation is part of AR&E's corporate culture and is built into its products.

AR&E has created solutions for scientific, medical and other industries and is ready to meet your requirements in any field.

A flexibility and creative approach to design means that solutions can be custom built for any application.

AR&E products, using conventional refrigeration techniques, operate from + 60 degrees to -30 degrees celsius for the N.S.C. Test Chamber, to -60 degrees celsius for Rapid Plasma Freezers.

 Many manufacturers will tell you that if standard equipment won't do the job there's nothing available that will or that you'll need to alter your requirements to suit their product. At AR&E we listen. We get to know our customers' requirements. We then design and build the product to suit your needs and budget.




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