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This application was built to Australia's high standards for freezing blood product.
It also has many special features including a bar-code reader to track individual donations
and a printer for quality assurance within blood donation quality guidelines.

Hard copy temperature readouts are printed throughout the cycle.

The Rapid Plasma Freezer is microprocessor controlled. It can be expanded for virtual
instrumentation control and networked for remote monitoring and data acquisition.rpf w cond.jpg (10801 bytes)

The clients brief called for a freezing process which was
faster than conventional air blast freezing but simple;e enough
to keep operating and maintenance costs low. ARE&E
developed the direct contact freezer plate system which
obviates the need for any secondary refrigerants.

"User friendliness and the speed with which temperatures
are reached are crucial to the blood Bank not only for quality but also because these features cut production time and therefore costs,"  says AR&E's Lawrie Hope.

"Bar code reading and continual print-outs for batch re-capping have proved very neat answers to the Australian Red Cross blood Bank's stringent quality control needs."


Other Images:

Canberra ACT Blood Bank Rapid Plasma Freezer Installation



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