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The National Standards Commission of Australia uses the
controlled environment of AR&E's Environmental Test
Chamber to test certifiable equipment for Pattern Approval
under Commonwealth legislation. Validation of the consistency and
performance of the electronically controlled weighing and
 measuring equipment  is crucial to certification.

The client required an environment control system which
managed complex, interrelated functions to provide highly
accurate temperature and humidity control. Virtual
instrumentation,  based on AR&E's Electronic Control
System or ECS, was the answer.

The Virtual Instrumentation System eliminates the clumsiness
of conventional controls by replacing them with an infinitely
simpler user interface. Without a plethora of buttons, lights
and dials, the PC-based graphic user interface can easily
control and integrate multiple Functions - and offers remote monitoring and logging from anywhere in the world.

In our initial consultation with the National Standards Commission, it was immediately apparent that the complexity of NSC testing demanded a highly sophisticated, customised solution.

The simplicity of our VR controls makes the system easier to use and more accurate than conventional controls.
The data logging facilities give  the NSC a greater level of compliance to international standards.

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